Production Processes

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  • Aluminum Casting

    Aluminum parts are cast to near net shape in-house.

  • Heat Treatment

    All parts – steel and aluminum – are trimmed and heat treated to meet specifications for hardness and strength.

  • High-Precision CNC Machining

    Treated parts are run through high-precision CNC machining lines, where holes and grooves are cut to micron-level accuracy, and parts processed to their final dimensions.

  • Parts Assembly

    Assembly, from design to automation, is the work of FT Precision and Tanaka engineering. Utilizing custom assembly equipment and other proprietary technology, FTP optimizes the assembly process; features include 100% performance inspection stations for the tolerance, strength and function necessary to achieve cost-competitive mass production and ensure the delivery of quality parts on-schedule.

FT Precision Finds Continued Success in the Cloud

With the implementation of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, FT Precision has enabled real time tracking of production data, achieving company-wide improvements in quality and efficiency.

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