FTP Parts Expertise & Production Lines

20+ years’ experience producing high-precision engine parts utilized in small, mid-size, sports and luxury class vehicles.

Core production expertise: Engine rocker arms, swing arms and chain tensioners; Chassis roller assemblies, outboard retainers.

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Integration of FTP expertise and Tanaka Group patents/engineering know-how to meet new production demands and produce new products.

New Product Initiatives & Capabilities

FTP is combining our expertise with our capacity to expand both physically and in the technology and production we can offer


Continued, expanded service via integrated all-in-one production lines.

Ergonomics initiatives ensuring the safety of our associates and improved quality control of parts production and delivery to our customers.

The introduction of advanced, innovative die-casting and machining techniques; new quality controls; new tool designs; and new assembly processes.

Enhancement of ERP integration across the factory, enabling real time, near flawless production tracking and planning, and smooth integration with customer orders/shipping processes.

Future Goals & Opportunities:

Transfer of knowledge, experience, and know-how from FTP’s parent and sister companies (e.g. airplane, racecar, motorcycle, power product applications, etc.).

The addition of transmission parts to our lineup.

Increased levels of in-house production of tools and equipment.

Expansion of parts lineup to include parts with applications outside of the automotive industry.

Physical expansion across FTP’s reserved land, expanding production to larger and more complex parts applying FTP’s accumulated expertise.