The Story of FTP

What’s in a name? For FT Precision our name begins our story. The initial F stands for Fredericktown, the town in which FT Precision resides. The initial T stands for Tanaka, the last name of our founder, Mr. Gi’ichiro Tanaka and our parent company TANAKA SEIMITSU KOGYO CO. LTD. The word “precision” is derived from the Japanese word seimitsu, meaning precision. All together the name reads, Fredericktown Tanaka Precision or FT Precision (FTP).

The company was envisioned during the emergence of automotive manufacturing globalization in the 1980’s. As an established and valued supplier for Honda, Tanaka was uniquely positioned to develop its plans for global growth and expansion. A joint venture with American Honda Motor Co., Inc. made it a reality, and FTP established in October 1994, providing Tanaka with North American expansion, and American Honda with domestic-based product continuity. FTP began mass production in July 1996, and for more than two decades has delivered high precision, high performance parts earning consistent industry recognition.

We’ve earned ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, and our company has grown through focused stages, while expanding largely in response to both domestic demand and to support production of other Tanaka Group companies. Today we are ideally poised for substantial growth, delivered together with our exceptional reliability. From engine to transmission to chassis, we can manufacture parts for automotive, motorcycle, agriculture and other power products.