History & Awards

Since 1994, over just under a quarter century, FT Precision (FTP) and our associates have earned industry recognition for producing high quality engine component parts. Our rigorous standards—consistently meeting safety, quality and delivery goals—have earned FTP noteworthy recognition in successive years throughout our history. The list of awards below simply underscores our unyielding dedication to be the finest, most reliable precision parts manufacturer in the automotive industry.

  • 1999, Quality Performance Award
  • 2000, Quality Performance Award
  • 2002, Delivery Performance Award
  • 2003 (Dual Award), Quality & Delivery Performance Award
  • 2004, Quality Performance Award
  • 2005, Quality Performance Award
  • 2006 (Dual Award), Delivery Performance & Productivity Improvement Award
  • 2007, Quality Performance Award
  • 2008, Delivery Performance Award
  • 2009 (Dual Award), Quality & Delivery Performance Award
  • 2010, Delivery Performance Award
  • 2011, Excellence In Delivery Award
  • 2013 (Triple Award), Quality, Delivery and Cost Performance Award
  • 2014 (Dual Award), Quality & Delivery Performance Award
  • 2015 (Dual Award), Quality & Delivery Performance Award
  • 2016 (Dual Award), Quality & Delivery Performance Award

“FT Precision has earned awards in many successive years, including a triple award in 2013, and dual awards on five separate occasions including 2014 and 2015. Out of as many as 600 peer organizations supplying Honda in North America, FT Precision continues to persevere as one of the top suppliers on the continent.”