Environmental Responsibility


FTP is committed to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources and will conduct its operations with the highest regard for the preservation of the environment. As a responsible citizen, FTP recognizes that the environmental management of its operations is a fundamental obligation and is an important step towards earning the trust of the community. Therefore, FTP will conduct its operations in accordance with the following principles:

• FTP will operate and continually improve an environmental management system to monitor and control the environmental impacts of its operations and to enhance environmental performance.

• FTP will strive to comply with all applicable environmental requirements mandated by federal, state, and local law, as well as internal policies. We will also strive to meet or exceed compliance obligations.

• FTP will strive to implement methods to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

FTP’s environmental policy and business plan will provide the framework for setting the environmental goals and objectives.

In conjunction with our Environmental Policy FTP has identified 4 Categories with 12 Significant Environmental Aspects. Environmental aspects are elements of an organization’s activities, products, or services that can interact with the environment. Each aspect is monitored and controlled by FTP.



Annually FTP Top Management is responsible for establishing Environmental Objectives to be placed on our company business plans. Environmental Aspects, risks & opportunities and compliance obligations are evaluated when developing Environmental Objectives. Our fiscal year plan verses actual summaries will be posted annually on our website.


FTP has developed internal procedures to ensure that compliance obligations including federal, state, and local regulatory requirements are identified. Our procedures will help us maintain those needs and expectation of those interested parties, and the regulatory compliance to reduce our impact on the environment, and promote environmental sustainability.