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Where High Precision Meets Production Demand

Founded in 1994 to manufacture automotive parts of uncomparable precision, the integrity of FT Precision (FTP) products from performance to longevity has fostered an award-winning reputation and success. Wholly invested in client-focused growth and innovation, the engineering expertise of the Tanaka Group and parent company Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co. LTD, created FTP as the premier U.S. manufacturing resource for mass production of industry-leading precision parts with micron-level accuracy. FTP can uniquely and reliably serve automotive and diverse industry manufacturers with high-volume orders and time sensitive assembly requirements. At FTP, high precision meets production demand… in customer service, operations, production, and fulfillment.

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FTP is committed to sharing the values and expectations we consider central to great beginnings, including all you can expect from FTP. As a potential customer, a new supplier, or our next career associate, consider the attributes for your success and how you might work with us!

Precision Products

High quality, high precision, and high performance parts are the tenets of FTP. We develop and manufacture high precision engine parts, in steel and aluminum, with expertise to serve diverse and specialized component needs.

Production Capabilities

Invested in client-focused innovation, FTP affords our clients exceptional production capabilities to fulfill mass production of industry-leading precision parts. We can uniquely serve both low and high volume production orders.