Environmental Responsibility

No one succeeds in a vacuum. The success of any business relies on strong, enduring relationships; with customers, suppliers, associates, the community, and the environment. All are important, but no relationship is ultimately more crucial to enduring, long-term impact than the environment.

At FT Precision (FTP), environmental responsibility is a proactive commitment, a combination of internal action and the expectation of shared goals and values among all our business relationships. From policy, to procedures and operations, FTP works daily to protect and enhance the health and vitality of our environment, upon which the health of all other relationships depend.

We currently accomplish an exceptional recycling rate of 99%, and are pursuing a goal to reduce landfill waste in the production of our products to 0% of materials used. FTP’s environmental commitment also takes form operationally in the implementation of its ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. Our Green Team meets on a regular basis to identify and implement environment-saving changes to the way we do business. Activities range from optimizing recycling procedures, to performing preventative inspections and initiating improvements to the way we use or reuse products. Energy conservation is another critical category. Our policy is to constantly improve energy efficiency and conserve while improving quality, production and the environmental impact. We implement efficiency procedures in all aspects of business planning and operations consistent with sound business practices. We integrate our energy management program with business goals, including safety, productivity, quality and environmental compliance. We employ the AEP Ohio CEI Energy Model to define energy efficiency objectives and targets to drive performance improvements, and provide employees with the training and education to recognize, plan, implement and sustain energy savings from projects to improved procedures.

Recycling Rate


Our Goal is to reduce landfill waste to

From responsible recycling, to waste management, to energy conservation, our commitment serves the well-being of our business, our associates and the community, and extends to active support and participation in the environmental initiatives of Fredericktown, our schools, and community events. All this because care for the environment means more than what is required, more than good public relations. Protecting the environment is a core value we practice and share at FTP.